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30 Minute Bodyweight Only Cardio Exercises

30 Minute Bodyweight Only Cardio Exercises

07/28/2015 1:54 pm0 comments

I’m sure we all have had excuses at one time or another as to why we don’t exercise. If time or money is one of your excuses then today is your lucky day because I have a way for you to get exercise that won’t cost you any money and will only take 30 minutes of your day. Depending on your goals you can do some intense workouts with these exercises or just take it easy and have a light workout. Either way it will be good for your health and help you stay in shape. Read the body weight workout infographic below for what you need to know to get started with these helpful body weight workouts. For an extra, all natural boost, don’t forget to take your Axio before your workouts.


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