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A Receipe for Survival – Being Gluten Free

A Receipe for Survival – Being Gluten Free

10/11/2015 11:10 pm0 comments

This month I’m sharing a post written by my sister in law, Freda Rauch, about how she and my brother Brody have transitioned to eating gluten free.   Hopefully this will help others who are struggling to find a way to eat gluten free. Read on for the full story of how it all started.

Shortly after my husband, Brody, and I were married, I became aware that certain foods, especially bread, made him sick. We made a few changes in our cooking, but we were not completely consistent in our dietary choices, so he continued to suffer the consequences. After we had been married for just over a year, we finally understood the importance of our food choices since he had become so weak that he no longer could work.

I spent almost all day every day in the kitchen for months, trying to find ways to increase his absorption of nutrients while avoiding the problematic ingredients. Since our visits to the doctor were not producing any diagnosis of allergy or illness, I could only decide what to prepare for him based on the feedback he gave me. Gradually, the main list of ingredients to avoid became apparent: gluten, oats, corn, potatoes and onions. I was not super healthy either, since I had recurring pain from a neck injury, and I was also going through a transition because of thyroid treatments. But, if I did not cook, he did not eat, and I wanted to help him keep his job and also improve his health. Life was a real struggle for me at that time since I felt so much pressure to continue working in the kitchen even when I was experiencing debilitating pain or exhaustion. There were times I was not sure I wanted to survive.

After some months of experimenting with recipes and applying the general principles I had learned in my chemistry labs and chemical engineering classes during my college years, I successfully developed a collection of recipes that helped my husband to survive. I also developed a method to convert a standard recipe to a recipe without the problematic ingredients. For my part, my trust in God deepened since He provided all our needs just as He had promised in His Word, even though Brody took a 50% pay cut in order to remain employed. We are still thankful for his employer’s offer of a different position which was less demanding physically.

Out of that difficult series of months came a desire to help other caregivers. Brody really appreciated my efforts to develop nutritious, tasty meals with good textures, while staying within our tight budget and not making him ill. He encouraged me to write a book to help other caregivers. Then he diligently worked to organize the project and lay out all the pages of information in order to publish it. To preview the recipes in the book, or to contact us to order your copy of A Recipe for Survival, visit our website,

We feel most healthy when we follow the recipes we developed during that time… when we deviate from those guidelines, we have less energy, we don’t think as clearly, and we can see and feel the inflammation that results from consuming ingredients which do not work as well for us. Since I developed these recipes and methods on a tight budget, we stretch our food budget much further when we follow the guidelines in the book. And I experience more peace when I remember that I can trust God through any difficulty, whether the trial is physical, financial, or emotional in nature. In retrospect, I recognize that the difficulties I resented at the time were the very ones necessary for me to grow in my understanding of, and faith in, my loving, wise, sovereign God.


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