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Define your WHY

Define your WHY

10/07/2014 11:09 pm0 comments

Define your why may seem like an odd title for a health and finance post but hang on as I try to explain it.

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about WHY do I do the things I do.   Such questions as:business man question mark

  1. Why am I working at the job I’m working at?
  2. Why do I live where I do?
  3. Why do I go to church?
  4. Why do I eat the foods I eat?
  5. Why do I spend time with the people I do?
  6. Why do I waste time on silly things that mean nothing?

Those are just a few WHY questions that have come into my mind over the past couple months, some triggered by different things than others.  I think approaching middle age has something to do with it.   I’m currently 38 years old and getting to be middle age has caused my mind to really question why I’m doing some of the things I do.  In this post, I would like to focus a little more on WHY I have the career I do and how my thinking has progressed from not just having a career but doing something that will really matter with long lasting effects for generations to come.

For the past fifteen years or so I have been working in information technology and it’s been great.  I’ve made a good income, learned a lot, and have been able to take care of my family quite well.  However it’s come at the price of good health at times and too many work hours and looking back on those years and also trying to look forward to the future, I’ve began to ask myself and say “Self, Is this what I should do for another thirty years?”   Other questions like: is this going to be fulfilling for the rest of my career, how will I change my family tree for the better, how am I helping others less fortunate, what are my children learning from me, am I growing in my faith, etc.

Growing older, having a family, and just daily life has brought about some changes in my thinking and has caused life goals to change.  Time is more valuable but less available so one change is a desire to reduce work hours.  This can be difficult in the IT field but a good balance between work and family is possible though not very likely to happen with any sort of consistency so I’m working on changing that.  How you ask?   Well, by defining my WHY in my career path.  I am now focused on:

  • Creating residual income streams so “retirement” from my career can be an option in my 40′s.  Being able to retire early leads to:
    • More time for me to grow in my faith.
    • More time for giving to the sick, poor, widowed, hurting, etc.
    • More time to spend with family especially my wife and kids.
    • More time for hobbies and learning new things.
    • More time to teach others how to achieve the same.

So for me to “define my WHY” in regards to my career is largely related to time and WHY  I am focused on freeing up time.   The challenge for you is to figure out WHY you are at the job or career you are at and would you like something to change.   Take a few minutes and write down some goals for the next five to ten years and based on your job/career path will you be able to achieve those goals?  If not WHY not?  Is it time to make some changes so you can achieve your goals?


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