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Don’t Lose Focus

Don’t Lose Focus

02/13/2015 10:42 pm0 comments

In today’s world we have so much new information coming at us daily that at times it’s hard to stick with one thing for very long.  For example think of a diet or exercise plan.   New diets and exercise plans come out so often that it’s easy to lose focus on the plan we are currently working and a lot of times just decide to switch to something new that we found because it looks so much better.   The same can be said about various products we use, marketing methods we use and so on.   Some people call this the “shiny object” problem.  You know, basically jumping from one new thing to the next new thing and not really finishing or doing something well.  Here’s a few tips on how to stay focused and actually complete what you start:

  1. Research – Before starting something new, take some time and do some real research on it.   Good marketing works for a reason.   It sells.   Don’t just trust the marketing that made you want to purchase something or move to something new.   Actually do some research and find out whether something is a lot of hype and just good marketing or if it’s really worth your time and money.   Look for reviews on it.   Then decide if it’s really worth taking time to try something new rather than stay focused on what you’re currently doing.
  2. Take Your Time – When we get excited about something we are starting sometimes we want the results to come so quickly we forget to follow the proper steps and so don’t do a great job at what we are trying to achieve.   We want success to happen so fast we forget about the process to get there and the work it takes.   So focus on the process and in the end you will have success just don’t expect it to happen instantly.  Most success takes time and work.
  3. Find a Great Mentor/Team – It’s important to follow or learn from someone that has been through or understands what you are trying to achieve.   For example if it’s a diet or exercise plan you are doing find people who have already completed it successfully and talk to them about how they stayed with the plan and what made them successful.   If it’s a home business or some other type of business find a team or person that has already been successful in the business and learn from them.   If you are currently looking for a team to work with or part time business to make some extra money contact me and I’ll see if you would be a good fit for our Get Better Team.  We have a proven system and company to help you be successful.

So there you have a few things to work on to stay focused.   Feel free to comment about what you are working on these days.

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