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Employee or Business Owner?

Employee or Business Owner?

12/09/2015 12:31 am0 comments

These days most people that work are employees of a company and work for someone’s business. I am one of them because I’ve been working as a computer programmer since I graduated college over fifteen years ago. During those years I did have my own business for a couple years but I really just owned a job because if I would have quit working my income would have stopped coming in. I didn’t have a system in place that would allow my business to keep functioning if I Employee or Ownerwasn’t doing most of the work.   Basically a good majority of my time was spent doing the actual work.

Somewhere around 95% of working people fall into the employee or self-employed “own a job” categories. What is interesting is that only around 5% of the wealth generated by employees and self-employed “own a job” workers stays with these workers. The other 95% of the wealth goes to business owners, those that have a system in place for their business where it runs whether they are working it constantly or not.  It makes sense then that a lot of people would like to be where the majority of the wealth is and be generating income whether actively working or not. This is a form of residual income; income that you receive whether actively working or not.

The question then is how do you go from just being an employee to becoming a business owner and having capital to invest in other projects and interests.  Well this is one of the things I am researching and working towards in my spare time and will be posting progress periodically about different milestones, struggles, and successes on this journey.   Feel free to comment on how you are working toward this goal.

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