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Neat way to Give over Christmas

Neat way to Give over Christmas

11/23/2014 10:27 pm0 comments

One thing we try to do each holiday is figure out a unique and fun way we can help another family. It could be as simple as making a meal or giving a gift card but usually we like to come up with something more fun and helpful. Recently I heard about a way to do this around the “12 Days of Christmas”.

Basically, pick a family, a person, a neighbor that is having a difficult time or possibly someone new to the area. Now 11 days before Christmas with the 12th day being Christmas you will put a gift on the doorstep of the person’s home but remember don’t let them know who you are or see you. Maybe on day one you give them some kind of holiday decoration. Day two could be a couple of different baked goods or just two of something. Day three would be three of something and so on. Then on day 12, you would show up to the house with 12 of something and surprise the person or family and tell them how it was you that had been giving those things each day. If you want to remain anonymous that is fine, too. Sometimes it’s nice to show yourself so you get to know whomever you were blessing and develop a better friendship that way. If you have kids be sure to include them as it’s a great way to show them how you can bless and help someone else.

Anyway, my family plans to work on doing this and I’m excited to see how it goes. Post your stories below if you’ve ever done this or been blessed in this way.

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