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Goals are Great But…

Goals are Great But…

01/03/2015 4:19 pm0 comments

So it’s 2015 now and you may have come up with some goals (new years resolutions) for the new year or if not try to come up with a few things you want to accomplish this year.   Taking this to the next level,  now that you have some goals what’s going to help you accomplish those goals?

Is having sticky note reminders going to help?   Maybe being accountable to someone else would help.   The bottom line is it’s important to find what works for you to keep you on track for meeting your goals.   I like to call this a system or process.

It’s great to have a list of goals but just focusing on the goal itself is not going to get you to meet that goal.   It’s important to focus more on the process or system you use to meet the goal rather than just imagining accomplishing your goal.  After all even if you hadn’t set a goal but still followed the process you should still arrive at the same result.

Sometimes a goal can be such an overwhelming idea or dream that it seems impossible to achieve.   This is where focusing more on the day to day process or system is important as it keeps you grounded and keeps you from getting down on yourself for not having already achieved the goal.

So set those goals but keep in mind it’s the focus on the day to day process and system that ultimately gets you to achieve your goal.


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