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5 Habits to Grow Your Business Online

5 Habits to Grow Your Business Online

11/15/2014 4:09 pm0 comments

If you own your own business and are working hard at trying to market it and bring in new customers, you know at times this can be a difficult task.  Over the past few years I’ve learned a few tips and have really started to work on turning them into habits so they become second nature.   Here’s just five of those tips:

  1. Take ActionIt’s easy to sit down and watch a training video or webinar or read a book on a particular topic but is much harder to actually put what you learn into practice so before any success can happen you have to take action and actually do something.   Even if you aren’t doing something quite right at least you are still doing something.   I hear people complain about having problems growing their business yet when I ask them what they have been doing to grow their business they cannot come up with much.   It sounds simple but can be a difficult obstacle.  Anyway, enough on this one, just remember to TAKE ACTION!
  2. Consistency – After taking action the next step is to be consistent.   Maybe you placed some ads and now you have some inquiries and need to do some follow up.   Well, don’t wait, set aside time in your schedule and consistently follow up with your potential customers.  If you follow up with one right away and then wait a week to follow up with the next one, that one probably isn’t going to be very excited about what you are offering.   If you are doing some online marketing such as twitter or facebook then just remember to be consistent with how often you are posting content or replying to comments.  Again, this seems easy but can be difficult to put into practice as it’s easy to get side tracked with something else.
  3. Provide Value – Anybody can make a video, post an ad, have a webinar, write an ebook, and a variety of other things but it’s important to actually provide some value in whatever you are creating in order to get people to be interested in your business and what you are doing.   When creating something ask yourself, “Is this something I would pay attention to or would I just ignore it?”  If the latter then you need to rethink what you are doing and try again.  Be creative but keep things simple.   By providing value you will attract more people to your offer leading to more business growth.
  4. Research – It’s important to frequently be researching what your competitors are doing and what trends are going on in your industry.  Keep current with new technology as much as possible and within reason and what you can afford but at least be aware of technology that is available and current trends.   Sometimes this will require you to change how you market your business but it’s important so that you stay competitive in the marketplace and don’t get left behind.   With how fast things change in some industries and with technology it does take some time to do the research.   It’s best to habitually set aside a set time each day or week to do this type of research so that it doesn’t get pushed aside for something else.  We are all busy and it’s easy to say, “Oh I will get to that later” but time flies and later gets filled with something else.
  5. Don’t Give Up – This is one of the most important habits as it’s so easy to give up on things.  Building and maintaining a business is very fulfilling but at times is very difficult and has many obstacles to overcome.   At the first sign of difficulty don’t just “throw in the towel” as so many do, rather look for help.   Find someone else who has been through the same things and ask for some help.   Most things we run into in business someone else already has been through and knows what to do.    Sometimes you will find you don’t get something right the first time so change it and try again.   Running a business requires perseverance and determination.   Pushing through a difficult time will make you and your business stronger and will allow you to later be able to help someone else struggling with their business.

There are other tips that I’ve learned and continue to work on but these are my top five right now.   I hope they will help you succeed.

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