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San Felipe, Mexico Mission Trip

San Felipe, Mexico Mission Trip

10/21/2014 11:24 pm0 comments

So, I was a little quiet last week and for good reason.   My family and I, along with a group from our local church were in San Felipe, Mexico on a mission trip.   Our primary focus was working with kids at Sonshine Hacienda, Home for Children.  Some of the group also worked on a construction project of building a new structure for a laundry room and storage at the Hacienda.Sonshine Hacienda Construction Project

It was a very rewarding time and all of the kids and people we met and worked with were so friendly even when we didn’t know Spanish very well.  There’s several things that I was reminded of while on this trip:

  • Spend less time worrying about the little things that don’t matter.
  • Focus more on people instead of things.
  • Take time away from technology like my phone and computer more often and just relax.
  • Help others willingly and because I really want to.
  • Share what I have with others and don’t become so attached to possessions that really mean nothing.
  • Take time to enjoy God’s creation.

Sonshine Hacienda in San Felipe, MexicoI really think going on trips like this are also a great way to reduce stress as it takes focus off of the daily routine where we are so busy and don’t take enough time out to just reflect on our life and helping others, for me at least, always feels very rewarding.  I’m not sure why but often I forget that the simplest action of helping someone else can impact our lives more than we expect.   Hopefully my family and I will be able to take time out for another trip like this in the not to distant future.

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